Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The End is Near!

As the month I previously dubbed 'Six Mile July' draws to a close, I am within days of successfully completing the challenge I laid out for myself. And it has been a challenge! The feat of traveling a minimum of six miles each day on foot for an entire month has not been easy. In theory it’s not so daring, but as with anything, life gets in the way. There have been mild shin splints, 100+ degree heat indexes, a few full days of torrential downpours, a splinter in the foot, a death in the family, and most recently a farm-related infection in my compromised limb. Here's the full update:

In the midst of a heat wave- near ninety degrees when the sun went down- I found that running to the river, shedding my sneakers and lymphedema sleeve, and getting in the cool water for a few minutes made for a very refreshing and more comfortable run back home. This practice did, however, lead to the above mentioned splinter in the foot, but was well worth it in the heat!

On a few days when the weather was affected by the remnants of a hurricane, I ran at the gym until they kicked my off the treadmill- those darn 30 minute limits put a damper on my momentum- but I was not discouraged...I went to Walmart, the grocery store, and anywhere else that was not outside, and walked the rest of my miles.

On a day I worked at the farm from 7 AM to 10 AM, went home, showered, attended a funeral, and spent time with visiting family, I was forced to run after dark, something I hate because I fear tripping- even in well lit areas- and found myself praying for safety because I have watched way too many Law and Order and Criminal Minds episodes not to be on highest alert at all times, but especially at night, because that’s when the crazies come out.

That day on the farm resulted in an apparent infection in my hand, discovered the next morning when my finger was clearly in the early stages of cellulitis- a common infection for those like me, who have had lymphnodes removed as a result of cancer. Not to worry, I made a visit to the doctor, started some antibiotics, and the finger is well on its way to being normal again.

While it hasn’t been easy all the time, I am enjoying fulfilling the commitment I made to do this. When July is over, I will certainly let you know that I have completed the challenge and won my Earndit trophy for top earner in July on Earndit. There is no ‘if’ in that sentence. I will finish. 18 miles to go!

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